Sunday, June 18, 2006

Merino Tencel yarn

At MD Sheep and Wool I got EIGHT OUNCES of merino tencel blend roving to try spinning, which is the largest amount of fiber i've spun of the same kind yet. I'm slowly chipping away at it 2oz at a time or so. I'm spinning it to about fingering weight (on my drop spindle), then Navajo plying it. It probably would have been a better choice to do a simple double ply with it, but I wanted practice Navajo plying :P I'll figure out something to do with it.. I think it's about worsted weight when plied, but I haven't measured.

From this:

to THIS:

hhmm.. that probably would have been prettier wound in a hank, but I was too excited. Here's a detail:

This stuff is a JOY to work with, it practically spins itself! I've had no problems with it at all :) I still have a lot of it to spin up, but I wanted to share!

I was going to make a Navajo plying tutorial, but I need a few more hands to do it AND take pictures, so you can learn how I did, from HERE. Except, I seem to do it better with my other hand, but to each his own.


DAWN said...

That is really beautiful; I wish I had a touch computer cause it looks so soft.

pam said...

I love that red yarn!! It's so dark and gorgeous! Can't wait to see the FO!

Rjkimpex said...

Red yarn color is looking nice. Check