Sunday, January 15, 2006

The "Suits-Anyone Fits-Everyone" Hat Pattern

Now in .pdf! I'm doing a beginner hat class next month and re-wrote my basic hat pattern. Now you can easily save it to your computer to use later!
I developed this pattern so I could make fast, easy, hats for everyone in the family I was living with in Japan. The brim is very stretchy, and you can adjust the fit by increasing or decreasing the length of the hat body.
The "Suits-Anyone Fits-Everyone" Hat:

Also known as "The Monk Hat"

Suits-Anyone Fits-Everyone Hat Pattern


Lynette said...

thanks for sharing the pattern. i like all the versions of this hat.

Impossible Princess said...

cute hat I must make one soon

Anonymous said...

I just made this hat for my four year old. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!! I plan to make more of these because they are so quick and easy! I will put pictures up of the hat on my blog if you are interested in seeing how mine came out!

The Warren Family said...

I made this hat for a coworker to go along with the scarf I made. This was my first one and now I'm hooked!!