Monday, January 02, 2006

Holiday Knitting

I did not commit to knitting so many things this year, and really only made two hats and a scarf. I made one of my Monk Hats (with the same yarn even) for my Dad, who hates xmas, but loved the hat, and I made a really pretty tam out of Filatura di Crosa Muschio that I got on super sale in Japan, with the same brands Dali on the brim. Unfortunately though, I wore it to work on a cold day, and when I warmed up and put it away in my bag it must have fallen out along my walk! I was heartbroken :( I was late for work because I walked halfway home looking for it, then my boss who was out doing errands drove up and down the road looking for it, and I even went back with Joe in the car to look for it, but it was nowhere to be found. I think (hope) that someone who needed it picked it up, and that it went to a good home. That left me minus-one present for my mother though, and I didn't feel like scarmbling to make her something else, so I bought a little snowwoman ornament and left it at that.
The one big thing I made for xmas was the rhino scarf I put in my last post. That thing took soo loong. I love double knitting as a technique, but it takes forever! The recipient loved it though, so it was well worth it :)

I'm declaring January to be Selfish Knitting Month! I am not going to knit anything for anyone else in January, and have already knit myself a hat/handwarmer set with yarn I got from the boy for xmas :) Can you believe I've made close to 20 hats and didn't have a single one for myself? I have an abnormally small head, and so buying hats is always hit or miss with me, so it's nice to have one that I love that fits! And I loved the yarn, I used DiVe "teseo" held with a strand of Plymouth "baby alpaca brush"and it was just lovely!

With the yarn left from the hat I was able to make a pair of fingerless handwarmers I can use as knitting or typing gloves. I went home to NY for xmas and it was FREEZING so I didn't take them off the whole time :P

I also bought myself some GORGEOUS sock yarn from Fleece Artist. I've been eyeing their yarn since I started doing socks, but it's soo expensive that I haven't been able to get any till now. Also, I've decided that I don't really like knitting socks, but a pair for myself I think I could handle, and this yarn was too beautiful to put down.

I went to Virginia for new years and got a fair bit of work done on my Rogue sweater in the car and while sitting around with Joe's friend's family. It's been neglected since I cast-on and finished the hem! I've had to teach myself how to cable without a needle, since the first time I brought it out to knit I didnt have one with me, then I accidentally left my favorite one at our friend's house :( I've had so many other things to do. I plan to finish that this month, and do my socks, and start on one of my polar sweaters!


Anne said...

That's an awesome hat and armwarmer set. The colors are just beautiful!

Impossible Princess said...

your site is too cute.

I figured I would play with my "queer knits ring" button and you were the person right behind I guess I will be the site it takes you to if you press forward. LOL

Well I'm stealing your button now...hehe