Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Hat!

Tday even though it was nearly 90 degrees outside (and inside) I sat and listened to some of Chuck Palahnuik's (sp) new novel "Haunted", which is really good, and knitted up the first of 3 hats for the kids I have been working with for the past 9 months! I may knit up hats for my host mom and dad too, we'll see. ALSO this is the super sale yarn I got on my birthday, so this is a $2 hat! (not indluding time, of course).

The brim is garter stitch with a double strand of this SUPER soft thick-thin wool, and the body is the brand-less ball of chunky grass green I found that is kindof scratchy, but fine for the middle of the hat. Knitted on 8mm 40cm circular needle. It's my first plastic needle and I really like it a lot! It's Clover brand.

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yahaira said...

Im loving both hats, Im sure the kids are going to go crazy for them. : )