Tuesday, July 12, 2005

future projects

The new Knitty is up.. I must say I'm not impressed.I guess I was hoping for some fun summer stuff, and most guys stuff tends to look the same to me. The belt was cool though. and the cigar gloves are clever. And I've met the woman who did Kumo.

Anthropologie, however, has been much more inspiring! There fall catalog is out now and it includes some gorgeous and inspirational stuff like these:
Short Sleeve one-button cardigan
An Openwork Cardigan that looks like fun but I wouldn't wear it
And this Frilly Thing looks fun but a lot of work.
THIS however, I am definitely going to try to figure out a knitted version of though.

As for WIPs I've hit a wall. I ripped out what I had for my tank top for the 3rd time or so because my gauge was off. That's my biggest problem right now: Sizing! It's a royal pain. I really want to do this though so I'm going to cast on again (with fewer stitches) after my yarn has a bit of time to unkink from my last attempt. I must say though that this cotton-rayon stuff is holding up well to all the abuse! In the meantime I think I'm going to start a small felted purse.

And this is just perfect :) I will have to do it.
Maye if I get bored I'll save and re-upload these pics so I can post them here :P

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