Saturday, October 30, 2010

September, Labor Day Weekend

germany2 077

For Labor Day Weekend we were supposed to go to Austria, but our cat got a bad bladder infection and we had to stay home :( So to make it feel more like a holiday weekend we made sure to get out of the house both Saturday and Sunday, especially since J was leaving for a month in Afghanistan a few days later.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but we didn't get our act together until late afternoon, so decided to explore a riverside Palace park in Wiesbaden that we had never been to before. The Biebrich Palace was built in 1702 by Prince Georg August Samuel of Nassau-Idstein, it served as the ducal residence for the independent Duchy of Nassau from 1816 until 1866. I think it's the most beautiful palace I have seen in Germany! We did not go inside, just wandered the grounds and gardens behind the palace, and admired the local green parrots that live in the trees here.
(Not my picture)
Wiesbaden parrots

The light was fading, but we did manage to get some neat pictures I think, including happening upon a wedding party!
sept 032

sept 037

sept 014

Sunday we drove up the Rhine to Koblenz, where the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet.
(Not my picture)

We intended to stop in Limburger to take some photos of the huge cathedral there, then go to the art museum in Koblenz, but we missed Limburger by accident, and then J was starving, so by the time we were ready to go to the museum they were closing :( We walked around the AltStadt (Old Town) and got some ice cream, but overall Koblenz was not a particularly pretty or interesting town IMO.

The huge monument at the joining of the rivers of Kaiser Wilhelm is pretty impressive though, as is this fountain in the main square:

Top and bottom of fountain, I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the whole thing.
sept 048
sept 049

Now for some AKC! (actual knitting content)
I guess I also forgot to post about my tea cozy. It's actually crochet, and it's modified from this Scallop Tea Cozy pattern to accommodate my self-striping handspun romney. This pattern uses a TON of yarn, and I had to make it for a smaller tea pot than intended, and still had to add some more yarn to the bottom. Instead of making two pieces and seaming them, leaving openings for the handle and spout, I made it in one piece, leaving a hole for the spout, and seamed it around the handle. Here's the start to finish:

sept 069


Crafty Nurse Mary said...

I love your blog! How awesome it is that you get to travel!
Your tea cozy is awesome, thanks for sharing!

illahee said...

i LOVE that tea cozy pattern, but i still haven't got it off the ground. :( yours is beautiful, that yarn is just perfect for this pattern!