Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally Spring!

march10 003

J was in Maryland for work for most of February, and I did a lot of reading and knitting while he was gone, but not much else! I did join him in MD for 10 days around his birthday though, which was wonderful because we got to party with all our friends and feel like we were on vacation in our former-home :)

We also spent a few nights with friends in DC, and ate at Art Smith's restaurant "Art and Soul" which was AMAZING! I had blackened scallops on sweet potato puree with bacon and chipotle, and J had a filet mignon with a blue cheese topping and wild mushroom couscous.

Upon our return we celebrated again with a Rockband party at J's coworker's house, and I made a chocolate bundt cake with Bailey's whipped cream. So easy and so good! Here's a link to the recipe. There was hardly any left after the party, so I made another later in the week for us!
march10 008

It's warming up quickly here in Wiesbaden, and the daffodils and tulips are budding! We should have leaves and flowers all over in another few days :)

Here's some appropriately bright spring fiber projects I've been working on!

I finally got more blocking pins to finish my Aeolian shawl I knit around xmas. I love it! It's the Shawlette size, in 100% silk on a size 5. Ravelry page here.
feb10 053
feb10 031

I seamed my Brea bag, finally, and will line it soon as well
march10 011

Finished my Pomatomous Socks, and started Skew! I LOVE skew. They fit amazingly well on my weird pointed feet, and this yarn is gorgeous.
feb10 035
Skew WIP

Now for spinning! I finished plying my merino silk, but one skein's colors lined up well, and the other didn't, so I expect to stripe them when I knit something.
feb10 043

I needed a break from the ordinary, so I made this art yarn. I love it! About 50 yards or so.
feb10 045

Here's some FatCatKnits Falkland I spun up. I LOVE her fiber! It practically spins itself. I loved this roving combination, but I'm not thrilled with the muted 3-ply it became. I might sell it.
march10 005
march10 021
march10 018

Now I'm starting a sock yarn with this FatCatKnits BFL in Sante Fe
march10 013


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the other day that it had been a while since you'd posted! Great to see your update, that Aeolian shawl is gorgeous. I want to make one, but I think I need to give away some of my lesser-worn shawls first to make room on my scarf rack!

Javajem said...

You have some lovely knits there! I especially love your shawl!

The Fat Cats rovings are some of my favs too - they spin up so nicely.