Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year's Eve!

For New Year's Eve Joe and I joined two friends of ours for dinner, fireworks, and dancing in Frankfurt.

I love an excuse to get dressed up, and I am just sad there are no head-to-toe pictures, because I don't wear this dress very often! It's one of those where it drapes in the front, and WAY down the back. I had pointy brown boots too, and got my hair done and even painted my nails! I went all out.

We had drinks and munchies at our friend's apartment and watched a "traditional" British comedy called "Dinner for One". The Germans love this short play, and it is played on a loop all New Year's Eve, despite being in English and not being popular anywhere else in the world.

It's Miss Sophie's 90th birthday, and all her friends are dead, so her butler acts them all out for her. It's great!

For dinner we ate at an Ethiopian place. I have only had Ethiopian food once before, so this was a bit of an adventure, but we got a big party platter with a variety of stuff on it to try. I think they tone down the spices and weird stuff for this platter though, no raw beef and nothing very spicy like I had before. It was very good though, and fun to eat with our hands! The rest of the diners were mostly African so that was interesting too.
NYE 006

After dinner we went to the river bank to ring in the new year and watch fireworks with the rest of the city. Unlike other NYE events I've been to, there is no professional fireworks company that puts on a show, just thousands of Germans launching their own mortars and roman candles over the river! Very dangerous and chaotic, but fun and exciting as well.
NYE 019
NYE 012
NYE 029

Following that we went to a club for drinks and dancing. Our friend Chris had heard good things about this event from people who went last year, and it was full of pretty people, but it was not at all our scene. Ilona, Chris and I had fun dancing (mostly to early 90's and 80's music) but Joe was bored out of his mind. Next year I will try to find something a bit more interesting.
NYE 034
NYE 033

And last night we got more snow!
January Snow!
We also drove down to Ramstein AFB with those same friends to go bowling, see Sherlock Holmes, and have dinner at Chili's. Unfortunately both showings of the movie were sold out, but it was still a fun day. The theater here on base is showing it too, but the projectionist is horrible so we try not to go there.


Javajem said...

Looks like a fun time!! And you BEAUTIFUL!

Ilix said...

Wow... great pics, and super snow image at the end there. Hope you are having a great time!