Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twisted Tweed, Toe Up, Two at a Time, Magic Loop, with contrasting heels/toes!

So, a friend in my knitting group is learning to knit socks, and wanted to make socks like the Twisted Tweed socks, but Two-at-a-Time Toe-Up using magic loop. "Not a problem!" I said, as it's an easy stitch pattern to adapt.

Also had to adjust for gauge since she's using DeKAY Duets Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop which is a squishy DK weight yarn with a contrasting heel and toe skein.

So this should fit an 8-9inch circumference foot, knit on size 3 needles with a gauge of 6 stitches per inch. This pattern assumes you already know how to knit using the Magic Loop.
Afterthought heel in a contrasting color, so you can use ALL your main color yarn!

Email me if you have questions!


Cast on 6 stitches in the Contrasting Color (CC) using the backwards loop method. Slide them down the needle.
Using the outside end of the ball, cast on another 6 stitches.

Knit both sets of stitches with their respective working yarn (outside of ball/inside of ball)
Turn your work and slide both sets to stitches to the other end of your circular needle.

Pick up 6 stitches from the CO row of each set, using their respective working yarns.
Knit two rounds.
(Good diagrams of this process in this free KnitPicks Pattern)

Toe Increases:

Row 1: K1, kfb, knit to last 2 stitches on the needle, kfb, k1. Turn work and repeat for back needle.
Row 2: knit

Repeat these two rows for each sock until there are 48 stitches per sock (24 stitches on each side).

Begin Twisted Tweed pattern with Main Color yarn:

Break off CC yarn and switch to Main Color (MC). Knit one round on each sock.
Attach a safety pin to the front side of each sock as a reminder that the tweed pattern will only be worked on this side, while
knitting the foot.

Row 1: *Sl3 with yarn in front, k3* repeat to end
Row 2, and every even row: knit
Row 3: *k1, sl3 with yarn in front, k2* repeat to end
Row 5: *k2, sl3 with yarn in front, k1* repeat to end
Row 7: *k3, sl3 with yarn in front* repeat to end
Row 9: sl1 with yarn in front *k3, sl3 with yarn in front* repeat to end (you will end with 2 slipped stitches)
Row 11: sl2 with yarn in front *k3, sl3 with yarn in front* repeat to end (you will end with 1 slipped stitch)

Repeat these rounds until the sock (when worn) just reaches your ankle bone.

Heel marker

Knit across the front of each sock.
With waste yarn, knit across the back of each sock, letting the waste yarn trail between the two socks. turn the work and purl back
across these same stitches, again letting the yarn trail between the socks.

Switch back to MC and begin the legs.

Knit 1 round.
Follow Twisted Tweed pattern until almost out of yarn, knitting the pattern all the way around the leg this time.

Knit 1-1.5 inches of 1x1 ribbing at the top of each leg.
Bind off using the sewn bind off method.

Afterthought Heel
Using pointed scissors, carefully cut out the waste yarn and remove from the heel stitches. Place the live stitches half on one

needle and half on the other (top and bottom).
Knit one round with CC, picking up one extra stitch at the beginning and end of each needle to fill in any gaps.

Heel Decreases.

Round 1: k1, k2tog, knit to last 3 stitches on needle, ssk, k1. Repeat for back needle.
Round 2: knit

Repeat these two rounds 10 or 11 times, until you have 12 or 8 stitches remaining, depending on the depth of your heel.
Use kitchner stitch to graft the heel together.

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