Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's November!

germany7 011

Where the hell did October go? It feels like it was October for like a week, then gone! We were totally unprepared for Halloween this year. No pumpkins or gourds or other fall decorations, didn't pull out the pumpkin baskets, the Halloween lights, nothing! I found myself running back from the store with the only candy I could find (Hershey Kisses) expecting to find mobs of Trick-or-Treaters at our door... but apparently they don't let the kids in the buildings so they have Trick-or-Treat BBQs outside. Weird. And now I have a ton of extra chocolate. Just what I need!

Halloween night we did have friends over for dinner, and then we drove out into the middle of nowhere to an old monastery where they were having a Halloween/Goth night. I was lazy and decided to wear my bumblebee costume from last year, which was pretty funny because everyone else there was in scary or gothy costumes, so I kindof stood out :P But it was fun to hang out with friends and drink hot spiced wine and dance.

Because we had friends coming over we finally got the house all set up (well, 90%)!
A friend and I also went to Ikea yesterday to get a rug for the office, a replacement spice rack since the movers lost mine, and I picked up a new blanket for the couch and a few houseplants.
I don't have pictures of the bedroom and office yet, but here is the living/dining/kitchen area! Click on any one of these to go to the Flickr page and see them fullsize:
germany7 005
germany7 006
germany7 007
germany7 008
germany7 009

And the view from the kitchen window: (Ignore the scaffolding, they were fixing the roof)
View from the Kitchen

I've also been spinning up a storm lately!
Here's the finished Black/Pink/White merino, about worsted weight 240 meters or so. Sold to a friend, since it doesn't go with any of my coats.

And I had some lovely Romney that a friend in Baltimore had dyed, but I didn't know what to do with since Romney is very scratchy (To me, anyway), but I've been admiring all the pretty tea cozies on Ravelry lately, and thought it would be a perfect use for it! I Navajo plied it to keep the colors clean.
germany7 016
germany7 021
germany7 026
Romney, N-plied

Not much else new is going on. I'm interviewing to be a substitute teacher this week, so I hope to work at least a few days before xmas to have some money for gifts!

We're having friends over for Thanksgiving, which should be nice. It will be our first time ever hosting Thanksgiving dinner! I am nervous about roasting a whole turkey. Maybe we will just do a breast, since it should be 5 people. I'm glad we can get my favorite Kabocha squash here!


Javajem said...

So no Trick or Treating huh? I love the romney you Navajo plied - very pretty.

You apartment is looking great too!

Ilix said...

I totally know what you mean... middle of november! YIKES!!!
Love the pics of fibre, can't wait to see you knit it.

twistedspinner said...

The Romney spinning is fabulous! Good Job!