Monday, September 03, 2007

Lovely Weekend

This Friday Joe came home after being gone for a month. It's one of the longest trips he's been on since we've been together. I am very glad to have him home, and he is very glad to be here :)
We got let out of work early on Friday, and I skipped my workout so I could come straight home. We lazed about and ordered pizza and watched Perfume, and went to bed early.
Saturday we had planned to take a drive, but after going to Randallstown to the pet store to get supplies for the new snakes, Joe wanted to spend the day setting up the new tanks. So he set up the tanks, and I repotted some of my plants, and we made broccoli cheese soup for dinner with biscuits, YUM! using a lower-fat recipe from Eating Well magazine. It uses white beans to add thickness, protein and fiber instead of a roux.

Sunday we took our drive, by backroads, west to New Market. It was a beautiful day, with white puffy clouds, and a light breeze, and not too hot. We drove through Mt. Airy as well, and up and over to Lake Linganore, then walked through New Market and admired the little shops and the cute buildings before heading back.
There was a rib place in New Market that looked really good, but we weren't hungry yet, so we went to Famous Dave's when we got back. I'd never tried their chopped pork sandwhich, so I got that instead of my usual ribs, and it was very good, especially with coleslaw on it. I do looove BBQ pork.

Today, Labor Day, I enjoyed sleeping in, and spending most of the day in my pjs, making white bean hummus, drinking arabian ice tea and spinning on the porch.
ahhhh this is the life!

Here's my 1st finished wheel yarn, a bulky hand dyed wool from North Carolina that my mother gave me.

and my first "art yarn", a mishmash of nearly everything I got in a sample pack from someone in the SpinningFiber Community on LJ.

I'm currently spinning up a lovely natural Cormo-Alpaca blend I got at sheep and wool, hopefully to become and 3-ply for mittens.

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