Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Luck Yet

I emailed the shop in Woodbine that Amy Butler's site lists as carrying her fabrics, and they don't currently have any in stock. Not only that, but she's now exclusively and e-business, so I'd have to order online and be right back where I started. I'm sure there are other places unlisted that carry her fabrics. I'm going to try the quilt store in Catonsville next.

It's expensive stuff, so I don't want to get something before seeing it in person!
I wonder if any of the online places do samples?


Margaret said...

have you tried blanks?
wait - i just realized. don't tell me you sew as well?!?!
ok - what CAN'T you do?

Mme Defarge said...

You really need to give G Street Fabrics a try. It has the largest selection of fabrics outside of New York City. Give them a call. It is in Rockville, not as far from you as you think.