Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rowan Biggy Print Woven Scarf

Two years ago I went to a yarn store in Seattle (Tricoter), one of the most beautiful yarn stores i've ever been to, and I had never seen Rowan yarns before. (This was very early in my knitting career). I bought 3 balls of some alpaca/wool blend that I made the vertical striped scarf in the FO section with, and I bought two balls of Biggy Print in Fiesta (?) and black. They only had about 32 yds each, and were quite expensive, but they were calling to me!
So this is what I did with them!
It's not knit, it's woven, on a big cardboard handloom I made, just like you used to make those woven bookmarks in gradeschool. It worked great! The scarf is about 4.5 ft long and 7 in wide. I could have made it longer if it was thinner, of course, or longer if i alternated the black and the rainbow (i had black left over).
Here it is! I'm going to put a big pink button on it to hold it closed and make it look pretty. I've work it through a winter already, that's why it's a little fuzzy.

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