Saturday, August 27, 2005

pictures! whee!

My super-fun Intarsia-Plaid Beanie-Bill for my friend Day:
It's hard to see the pattern in the bright sunlight.. it's kinda subtle in places.
From this: +
(manos Brick and Lava)

to this:
(knitting on the plane home, a million little balls!)

to THIS!:

modelled by my lovely new blue glass head, Shirley, and on me (it's too big, I have a really small head).


Hyperfrec said...

Girl, i have to know how you did the brim. I got this amazing yarn in bellingham wa, and i've been looking for a project. This is it!

Lauren said...

This hat is amazing and I am jealous. Is a pattern in the works?

yahaira said...

I love the plaid, awesome work. are you sure you arent a hat designer?

knitmi said...

Such a cute hat! Plaid is scary but plaid is good!

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